The Shivah

(2013 / Drama / In Development)

Eli Rezner, a college student in the U.S., is called home to Israel when his grandfather, a holocaust survivor, passes away.  As Eli attends the funeral and sits shivah, the spiritual struggles of a family in transition come to light.

Eli’s grandfather never released the guilt of not being able to protect his sister from the Nazis.  Breaking from tradition and defying the rabbi, Eli’s father, Reuven, has the grandfather’s body cremated, fulfilling half of the grandfather’s dying wish.  The other half is to have a portion of his ashes spread back in Poland where his sister died.

As Reuven and Eli prepare for this journey together, they must also face the conflict that has arisen between the two of them, for Eli has also broken from custom and is dating a messianic girl back in the U.S.  Eli must search his own beliefs and help his father face the evils of history in this story of heartache, tradition, and family.