Take a Chance

(2012 / Action-Drama Family / Post-Production)

Along the path of life, there are those few extraordinary people you meet who can inspire others to do great things.  Well…Masa is not that guy.  At least, not yet.

When we meet Masa, he isn’t extraordinary, or particularly inspiring.  He is a rather unenterprising young Japanese guy who is unstructured, unmotivated, and freshly dumped by his girlfriend.  So he’s got that going for him.  He’s FOB Tokyo, meaning “fresh off the boat.”  Oh, yeah…and he doesn’t speak much English. But Masa is on a mission.  Problem is, it’s not his mission.  Masa has been sent to America on a very specific mission by his father, who thinks he is unstructured and unmotivated.  The mission?  To study the art of karate as an Uchi Deshi – one who trains under and assists a Sensei on a full-time basis.  He’s a live-in, 24/7 warrior-in-training.

When Masa arrives in America, he doesn’t find himself in the bright lights of New York, or the glitz of Hollywood.  He’s in a small town…in the South.  Between the culture shock of a new country, a difficult language, and the stark daily routine of the Uchi Deshi, Masa is shellshocked.  He even tries to escape to the airport in an attempt to go back to Tokyo – but is stopped because he doesn’t have a passport.  It appears that for once, destiny is not allowing Masa to run away.

And that’s when it starts to happen.  Direction.  Discipline.  Purpose.  Through the hard work and sweat of his training under Shihan Goyama, Masa bonds with his fellow Uchi Deshi, and can actually see real progress.  He can also see Cynthia, a beautiful and determined American girl who studies at the dojo.

In this true story with the quirky attraction of Napoleon Dynamite, and the overcoming triumph of The Karate Kid, Masa learns to give everything he has to his new passion.  He learns that sometimes in life, it pays to Take a Chance.