Resurrection Lane

(2012 / Action-Suspense / In Development)

Sometimes it’s what we don’t talk about that tells the real story of who we are.

Jonathan Lane is a family man. A father of two 11-year-old twins, he and his wife Rachel have moved outside the city to a large country house. His early days in the military far behind him, they’re now enjoying the finer things in life, as Jonathan says. Or as Rachel mumbles under her breath, maybe they’re living in a big hollow house in the middle of nowhere. Jonathan’s career in international sales is going quite well, although his schedule keeps him away from home too often. With the twins’ birthday coming up, he returns from a long trip and surprises the family…only to learn that he has to go back to Washington D.C. for a quick overnight trip and early morning meeting.

It is a trip he’ll regret taking.

It’s a quiet evening in the meadow where the Lane home is nestled. Too quiet. Rachel cuddles up with the kids for a movie. As she goes back into the kitchen for more munchies, the doors are blown open and masked invaders burst into the house, wielding automatic weapons. Terrified, Rachel runs, but is chased down like a dog. She tells them her husband will be back any minute. The leader of the crew icily tells her she’s lying…then recites Jonathon’s exact flight number and arrival time at the airport. They know.

Jonathan returns to find his home overtaken and his family tied down and held at gunpoint. He must break into his own house to get his family out. Suddenly instincts he hasn’t used in years begin to kick in – as do flashbacks of combat missions gone wrong. He is met head on by the demons in his past, and an enemy that is clear and present. Outmanned and racing against time, Jonathan Lane goes into action – and his family learns that beneath the surface, a greater man than they ever knew is lurking.