Scott Perkins

Scott Perkins, is founder of Crossing Hollow Films, a Southeastern based film production company with offices in Birmingham, AL and Los Angeles, CA. He seeks to tell stories that address core issues people deal with in their everyday lives. Real situations, real temptations, real problems…and the hope that can arise out of a place we oftentimes feel we can’t escape.

Having worked much of his corporate career with industry giants such as General Electric and IBM, Perkins brings a business perspective into his film productions. With the proliferation of technology, he believes the landscape of the motion picture industry is shifting, with more emphasis now being placed on a favorable productivity versus cost ratio. Perkins has built a production model he believes can compete in this dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Perkins produced the award winning feature film Awakened, a thriller about a newspaper reporter who moves into a house and discovers a discarded audio recording. This recording leads him on a journey of a fabricated seduction that demonstrates the risk associated with entertaining fantasies. However, we see how the faith of one helps restore the condition of another.

Previously, Perkins produced the award winning documentary The Cross And The Towers, a story about hope in the midst of devastation at Ground Zero following the events that took place in the days and months after the September 11, 2001, World Trade Center attacks. This documentary film received numerous awards from the West Palm Beach, Gloria, Crystal Heart, and Heartland Film Festivals.

Currently, Perkins is producing and directing Selection Point, a documentary that draws upon the emergence of Christianity and the ethics held in common between Judaism and Christianity. The story develops a historical timeline of anti-Semitism dating back to the ancient world and the modern day persecution of the Jewish race as reflected during the Holocaust.

In addition and in preproduction, he is currently producing Take A Chance, a feature film based on the true story of a Japanese youth who, in an attempt to escape from problems at home, comes to America to study the Japanese martial arts as an Uchi Deshi. Little does he know what is required of an Uchi Deshi. From wanting to quit to becoming a world champion this story takes you from the highs and lows of life and shows us how to put our faith into action. Production is scheduled for May 2012.